First-timers Guide to Buying a Silicone Wedding Ring

Purchasing a wedding ring is as momentous and exciting as it is tedious and terrifying. With great importance placed on every single aspect of the ring, a hefty price tag, and difficult or non-existing return policies, it’s no wonder that many soon-to-be husbands and wives are overwhelmed by the mere thought of buying a wedding ring. But things are changing…

While some interchangeably wear a silicone wedding ring and a traditional metal band, just as many have opted to forego the expensive and impractical traditional metal band all together in favor of wearing their AERA ring full-time.

What’s So Great about AERA Silicone Wedding Rings?

In the US alone over 150,000 severe wedding ring injuries and amputations occur PER YEAR¹. Our Safety Break Away Design snaps under extreme resistance or strain to protect you from serious injury, or loss of your finger.

An AERA wedding ring costs about 0.25% the average amount spent on a traditional wedding ring, crazy right? By minimizing branding, packaging and other nonessentials AERA rings on average cost about 40% less than the leading competitors.

AERA rings are made from only the highest quality, hypoallergenic, food/medical grade pure silicone. Our durable materials and designs will stand up to time and grind of hard word that is your life.

Traditional wedding rings still have their place, but it’s a small one, and it’s shrinking every year. Twenty years ago the idea of silicone wedding rings may have seemed strange. But with every passing year it seems stranger and stranger to spend over $5,000 on a ring you can’t safely or comfortably wear in active situations or environments.

Whether it stems from injury, swelling, fear of loss, damage or theft, safety restrictions, weight loss/gain, discomfort, allergies, or just personal preference; so many people cannot or choose not to wear their traditional wedding ring.

One of the biggest advantages to an AERA wedding ring is our light, soft and breathable materials and design. The most common feedback we receive from our customers is “I keep forgetting I am wearing a wedding ring”.

Years ago not many would have guessed that a silicone wedding ring would actually gain more attention and praise than an expensive traditional wedding ring. An AERA wedding ring has the unique ability to cost a fraction that of a traditional wedding ring, yet to not come across as cheap or tacky.

When you really stop to think about it, other than the glitz and glamour, can you name a single advantage of a traditional wedding ring over an AERA wedding ring?


¹Woon, Colin, and Mark Vitale. “Ring Avulsion Injuries.” Hand. Orthobullets, Web. 19 July 2015.

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