Best Military Wedding Band

Best Military Wedding Band
All active and retired US Military save an additional 10% using the following coupon:

Aera Rings proudly supports our armed forces. All active and retired US Military save an additional 10% off the worlds best military wedding band.

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Are Wedding Rings Allowed in the Military?

Yes, military regulations allow you to wear up to two rings which includes a wedding ring.

Rings must be simple and safe and not catch or draw attention.

Although it is not official regulation (yet), it is advised to avoid wearing a traditional metal ring.

Why is AERA the Best Military Wedding Band?

Over 150,000 wedding ring related injuries occur every year in the U.S. All of these injuries would have been avoided by wearing a Silicone Wedding Ring.

AERA Silicone Wedding Rings meet and exceed all military regulations.

  • Made from safe, durable, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, pure silicone
  • Breathable, lightweight, flexible, non-conductive, non-toxic, waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Safety Break Away Design: under extreme resistance to avoid damage or loss of your finger
  • FlexFit Design: swells and shrinks along with your finger

What are the Alternatives?

Unfortunately our fingers break much easier than heavy metal rings which can get caught or snagged, causing horrific injury.

Silicone wedding bands are your best option but if for some reason an AERA Silicone Wedding Ring will not work, we suggest a wood or soft metal ring.

AERA rings are made to snap before your finger and while wood and soft metal can still cause injury, they are preferred to heavy metals such as gold.

Does AERA Offer a Military Discount?

Of course! All active and retired military may use the following coupon to save an additional 10% on any order: MILITARY10

You may be asked to verify your service via email after your purchase.

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