It’s A New Aera

…of  Wedding Rings


Aera is a proud family owned and operated US based Silicone Wedding Ring brand.  We choose to keep things simple and not partake in flashy and expensive packaging, branding or advertisements, this allows AERA to offer the highest quality Silicone Wedding Rings at fraction the cost of others.  This is being recognized by our loyal customers who agree with us that a silicone wedding ring should not cost $40.  With over 50,000 orders and a 5-star average buyer rating we know you will love your AERA Ring.         

Only the best quality, most durable and safest hypoallergenic food-grade silicone goes into making our eco-friendly rings.  As we grow our brand we will continue to expand our catalog of available ring styles, colors and sizes. Let us know what style or color you would like to see next!

Gold-Tier Etsy Seller

Aera Rings5-Star Rating
Over 100,000 Silicone Wedding Rings Sold

Etsy Silicone Wedding Rings

“These are perfect. Great size. Fit Comfortably. And a great silicone. Not the kind where every piece of lint gets stuck! Much better than other silicone rings I tried.”

– J Marcotte

“Gift for husband, he loves it. Lightweight and comfortable. Nice alternative to metal rings.”

– egbenavides

“Perfect! Great price, great item, super quick shipping! Thank you!”

– zombie25

“Great Ring, Smooth Transaction. Thanks!”

– dmrinehart

“Comfortable and durable. I also really appreciated the customer service when there was a glitch with the mail service.”

– E Lowry

“I really love the ring. I don’t have that worry in the back of my head that one of my diamonds is gonna become loose by banging on it. And I love the color as well.”

– Bianca Ortiz

“Nice rings as expected and easy/fast exchange since the one ring was a little too small!”

– Eve Ostrowski

“Perfect for when you’re not able to wear your bling ????
Came incredibly fast! Thank you”

– Rubii Mai

“He loves it a lot. His fit was questionable, so the shop owner was really open and flexible and very accommodating with us figuring out if we should stay at this size or to return and downsize. In the end though he truly loves it, and it is his first piece of jewelry anybody has gotten him. I highly recommend them for their products. Thanks again Steve!”

– Heather